"Preamble to the preamble"

A revisioning of the preamble of the constitution of the usa

Artist(s): J.Benka

*Recorded live at the Bowery Poetry Club*

Long download, but this is the whole thing. Inspiring and truthfilled beauty!
MP3 of "The Preamble..." (MP3, 16.4 MB)


Our constitution is a secular prayer, a guideline for an experiment in government, an empty scaffold to project a nation upon. Its words belong not so much to any single author as they do to an entire country. The job of interpreting these words lies in the hands of the judicial branch, every American, and Jen Benka.

More ambitious than reading between the lines, Jen Benka writes between the words, giving us one poem for each word in the preamble to the Constitution. Her hypertext makes manifest the job of every writer: to scrutinize each word both in context and within itself. This expansive work is the public made personal, the rhetorical made poetic, the political made political, cynical, and witty.

Benka summarizes the United States as "a box of longing with 50 drawers" and gives us a book of longing with 52 pages...a melting pot of forms and interpretations.

Mark Wagner, Booklyn Artists Alliance.

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