"Since the golden age of home computing"

The First Contact Project
Remembering the Dawn
of the Digital Age

Artist(s): M. T. Karthik
Edition: 10,000 interviews
Year: 2005 - 2007
Format: mp3

As a stunning variety of personal computing devices are introduced more seamlessly into the lives of younger users around the world, earlier versions of machines and software are rapidly forgotten in a stampede toward obsolescence.

Do you remember your first computer? Your first experience with a computer? Where were you? Who else was there? What kind of machine was it? What features that are common today did it lack? Is the manufacturer still around?

The First Contact Project seeks to capture these memories for posterity in the oldest and most vernacular human form: oral storytelling, in order to create a collective consciousness and institutional memory of human beings' first contact with the digital age.

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