"Trying to sit still"


Artist(s): C.K.Wilde and D.W.Lundahl, S.Schooler, J.Dostal, S.Smith

*to be played loudly* or through headphones....

(1) McUpstart
This song features one sample of the start-up sound of a Macintosh computer pitch and time shifted in space.
(2) Bowls
David Lundahl on the large glass bowls, whirling tops, and bomb sound nerf footballs.
(3)Autumn, part one
Recorded in Patrickšs parlor and the Cave. Stephan Smith plays fiddle on this one. MP3 of "Autumn, part one" (MP3, 8 MB)
(4) Trance formation
Crickets, cicadas, crows, chainsaws, and Dave.
MP3 of "Trance formation" (MP3, 10 MB)
(5) Interlude
Recorded on the Foster farmšs grand.
(6) Autmn, part two
Recorded at the Foster farm, featuring the vocal talents of the Guinea hens.
(7) Thunder ring
Thunder, wind chimes, rain.
(8) Falling
Cello, Erhu, Guitar, Harmonica, PSS-80.
(9) Autumn, part three
Organ from Davešs, Piano from Patrickšs, Fiddle from Stephan at the cave. Polyphonia.
(10) Davey L.
Recorded on Davešs birthday with the talents of Joseph, Shon, among others.
(11) Windown

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