"Free those imprisoned in their own land"

Audible Palestine

Artist(s): M.T. Karthik

Recorded interviews and ambient sounds all over the Palestinian occupied teritories

MP3 of "Audible Palestine part 1" (MP3, 6.2 MB)

Jeff Halper is a dedicated and intelligent Israeli Jew who opposes Zionism and the Occupation. He is also a coordinator for Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions [ICAHD], a 7 year old organization in Palestine/Israel. He was at Oslo and knows the players in Geneva and has dealt with the Clinton and the Bush Administrations. In 2004, Halper published his theory of the Matrix of Control that Israel has established to make the Occupation permanent - The Wall known as a Security Barrier to Zionists and as The Apartheid Barrier to Palestinians is the fifth of five elements in Halper's Matrix of Control. In this clip from an interview conducted by MTK in December 2003, he elucidates the first four elements of his Matrix of Control Theory.

NOTE: Patterns of colonialism that emerge here. The "alphabet soup" is just like what has happened in North Africa, on Taiwan and in Iraq. The detentions are very much like the British occupation's rules in India. This is deep and smart stuff that frames the Israel and Palestine situation like no one else writing, publishing, or broadcasting anywhere in the West.

MP3 of "Audible Palestine part 2" (MP3, 6.4 MB)

Begins with an interview of the 72-year old mother of one of the first fourteen shaheed [martyrs] of the second intifada, Hadiyeh al Qawis. This woman remembers the British Mandate Era in Palestine! With Ziad Abbas of the Deheisheh Refugee camp just days after the Geneva Accords drop proposing that his rights as a refugee to return to his land be abandoned. The clip then moves to original reportage of a land seizure in East Jerusalem. Illegal occupation of Palestinian land by Israelis live and in real time!

MP3 of "Audible Palestine part 3" (MP3, 27.1 MB)

The Internationals who are doing work in the Occupied Territories on behalf of the Palestinians are perhaps best known inthe martyrdom of Rachel Corrie - run over by an Israeli Bulldozer. This clip begins with reportage of actions by Internationals in Palestine. Then the piece moves into an interview of Jehan Jarrar of Addameer Prisoners Rights group in Ramallah. She represents hundreds of youth and adult male Palestinians who have been summarily arrested, detained and abused illegally by the IDF.

MP3 of "Audible Palestine part 4" (MP3, 23.4 MB)

Three reports: from Jerusalem on December 7, from Jayyous on December 15 and from Nablus on December 19. Nablus was being ravaged at this time and Jayyous is where Phase One of the Wall construction has just been completed and all of this takes place just days after the Geneva Accords are launched. Interviews with Connie Hackbarth of the IAC, the Khalids a farmer and hydrologist in Jayyous and with Hassan Hamdah, a doctor in Nablus whose clinic and ambulance have been attacked by the IDF in violation of Geneva Conventions.

MP3 of "Audible Palestine part 5" (MP3, 18.7 MB)

Ambient sound from Bethlehem, Hebron and Amman [Jordan]

MP3 of "Audible Palestine part 6" (MP3, 2.1 MB)

Hebron- First broadcast on KPFK in L.A.
Just days after the launch of the Geneva Accords in Europe, the ancient city of Hebron remains deeply divided and a site of extreme violence. Ideological Zionist settlers continue to occupy the town and now wire mesh has been hung over the streets of the old city because they have taken to dumping their garbage onto the Palestinian villagers below. Palestinian Christian Rimon Mahklouf opens this clip with a historical view of Hebron: the story of 2500 years of struggle between religions told outside the 2000-year-old structure known as the temple of the double caves - tomb to the patriarchs and matriarchs of Judeo-Christianity.

Christian Peacemaker Team [CPT] came to the area and established a base after the 1994 massacre of unarmed Muslims who were praying inside their mosque when Brooklyn-Zionist Baruch Goldstein came in with an automatic machine gun spraying the worshippers with bullets, killing dozens and injuring many more. Greg Rollins of CPT talks about their mission in Hebron. Finally Abdallah Hantash, a land surveyor and engineer discusses massive property and land seizures by the Israelis in recent times in the region, detailing the effects of the Aparteid Barrier in the process. The piece ends with an incredibly powerful live recording of the mid-day call to prayer, as sung daily in Hebron by a clearly oppressed voice.

MP3 of "Audible Palestine Part 7- Democratic National Convention" (MP3, 1.6 MB)
07/27/2004 At the Democratic National Convention in Boston, the DNC built a cage-like pen as a "free-speech zone" for protesters. It was so offensive that all protest groups protested the use of the pen by avoiding it. On opening night however, the groups agreed to come together to USE the pen to protest the conditions in Occupied Palestine, creating a parallel between the caged-in protesters and the walled-in palestinians. Reporters on the scene and MTK on the MIC.

MP3 of "Audible Palestine part 8 - Republican National Convention - Drooker on the Great Lawn." (MP3, 929 KB) 09/29/2004- Just days after returning from Occupied West Bank and Gaza, artist Eric Drooker - who had been painting murals on the Wall in Palestine - took part in the enormous, half-a-million-strong march in Manhattan past Madison Square Garden and in opposition to the Republican National Convention taking place there. MTK caught up with Eric for this interview on The Great Lawn

Original music on clip two by DJ Sonny Black
Photo courtesy Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, Nablus, Occupied Palestine
Journey facilitated by Muslim Public Affairs Council and ELEV8, Los Angeles and through Global Exchange [] whose guide Rimon Mahklouf can be heard most prominently at the beginning of the audio piece outside the Mosque of the Double Caves in Hebron.

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